Friday, 19 June 2015

St John's Chaotic Kayak Set For Sunday 2 Aug 2015

The date is set for this years Chaotic Kayak, Sunday 2 August 2015 at Oppenheimer Beach benefiting Team River Runner/Wounded Veterans. If you are a Legacy Team from previous years you will be given priority for this years event, If you have not been contacted yet please message through Facebook or text 340-514-0778, we are limited to 32 teams and spots are filling up fast! 6 Volunteers will be coming from the states and Grande Bay has graciously donated lodging again this year making their stay much more comfortable in St John as some are in wheel chairs being able to roll into town right off the elevators. While the event is just over a month away things are already in motion, the events website is alive and the donation links are up, for every $100 your team raises before the event your team will get a 5 second head start. Who will be victorious this year and hold the coveted Golden Paddle?

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